Updated Mission Statement

Snoonet is a community hub designed to accomodate and explore community culture. Our network infrastructure is built and maintained by the top communities on the internet, and their most proactive community leaders. Our design is to stay within the times, so we grow with communities. Our goal is simple: Be there with your communities, grow together, and aim for progression at every turn.

The Vision is Simple

Value your communities.

We value the proactive members within communities that develop tools, that create infrastructure within their moderation teams and community as a whole, that aim to simply make things better for those around them. We value the understanding that every community is beautiful, whether our interests conflict or mesh well, the staff team is built around various community leaders with an amazing range of interests. Great deeds go a long way within Snoonet!

This is all for you.

We all started as individuals looking to do something more. We value the connections people make with each other, and see the vastness for potential each individual has. None of this is possible without you!

Lending a helping hand.

In the past, we’ve gathered resources from our infrastructure to host community game servers, community events, and staffed large discussion networks to help individuals, and communities to promote awesome ideas they’ve had. We pitch in where we can as far as server resources, money donations, and development is needed.

Always be about something positive.

When life turns aspects of our everyday lives into something black white and grey, our only option is to seek out the colors, wherever they may be. We will go out of our way to help those within our communities on professional and personal levels. There’s always a bigger picture, and the finest details are highlighted by working together.

Welcome the voice of the internet.

Snoonet is a community hub for decentralization!

Snoonet is pleased to support and work with decentralization! We would like to announce a matrix.org bridge from matrix clients to IRC! Have a gander at matrix.org to see what we’re about!

Feel free to try it out as well using Riot.im’s client: http://matrix.org/docs/projects/client/riot.html - Be sure to register and select #Snoonet from the drop down!

Our core belief will always focus on security, privacy, stability, freedom of speech, and most importantly the inter-connection of people within your communities. We are happy to be a community hub for all people, of any community to connect to.

What does this mean for me?

tldr; Snoonet will be a community hub for decentralized clients within matrix.org.

This means you can be connected to every thing, and everybody. You will be anonymous and secured, and able to access Snoonet.org’s IRC communities. Most importantly, you’re connected within the matrix securely and can . You will have no limitations on who or what you connect with.

Snoonet will be a community hub for matrix.org users as well as normal IRC, and reddit.com users that connect to us through the OrangeChat bridge.

Take a peek at http://matrix.org/docs/guides/faq.html#what-is-matrix to see what it’s about!

New Servers in Europe and Asia

Snoonet is proud to introduce Calvin (London) and Hobbes (Singapore) to the network! These additional servers in Europe and Asia, respectively, will provide a more stable and faster connection for our users outside of North America. eu-irc.snoonet.org has been updated to include the new European server, and we have added asiapac-irc.snoonet.org for our users in the Asia-Pacific region. DNS records have been updated accordingly and these new changes will take effect next time you connect.

We have also added a new hub in Europe to increase reliability. This will ensure that users outside of North America are not as affected by maintenance and remain connected to each other in the rare event of a netsplit.

If you have any questions, please ask a staff member in #help and remember, “It’s a wonderful world Hobbes ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring!”

IRC software and Server upgrades (Maintenance Window)

Snoonet will be undergoing server updates on the morning of August 31st at 02:00 UTC. The maintenance window will last for approximately 4 hours (subject to change, sudden catastrophic failure, and/or ThatOneRoadie pouring maple syrup on the Canadian servers).

We will be performing some operating system patching and updates, as well as patching our IRC daemon to the latest version, and recompiling some network-wide modules. During this time, some netsplits will occur as servers are brought down for maintenance and upgraded. We will be performing our updates in batches, so if you experience a disconnection, you will be able to immediately reconnect to another server via irc.snoonet.org.

Thanks for the patience, and as always, feel free to bug us in #help if you have any questions.

-Snoonet Operations Team

Recruiting Snoonet Community Guides

From: Snoonet Management

Snoonet is recruiting volunteers for the Community Guide position.

We are looking for helpers that will be available to answer questions about Snoonet and orangechat in #help and in #orangechat.

Community Guides will be responsible for guiding Snoonet users with any help requests.

What is orangechat?

Orangechat is a webchat that integrates directly with reddit.com. You can use your reddit account to connect directly to chatrooms and chat with other users browsing your favorite subreddits.

  • Orangechat will bring new communities to Snoonet in the form of an easy-to-access interface directly from reddit.com.
  • Orangechat allows existing Snoonet communities to link their subreddit’s to Snoonet via orangechat so no one is left out.

How can I apply?

For more information and instructions on applying, see our Guide Recruitment page. Applications will be open until June 12, 2016.