Moving Forward!

Moving Forward: Management Changes

Welcome our new Network Director

We would like to announce the appointment of bloodygonzo as our new Network Director. Bloodygonzo will be responsible for leading and making executive decisions for Snoonet, and will have final say regarding network operations going forward. Many of you already know bloodygonzo from his involvement in Snoonet communities, including the popular network bot, gonzobot. He’s distinguished himself as a leader on the network and a champion for increasing community interaction.

Network Leadership

Jeff “Paradox” Sandberg and Shane “rdv” Allen will be moving to founder roles, retiring from day-to-day operations. They remain as network owners and will provide input and advice to network operations where appropriate, and will continue to play a role in identifying talent and managing staff.


bloodygonzo has made your network community bot gonzobot! You can see it here and utilize it! He helps new-comers with creating python modules, and has the idea of helping every body that needs something in their community! You can contact bloodygonzo at for additional information!

What does this mean?

We expect to continue to strive towards the goals of our Mission Statement. We’ll continue supporting communities as usual, offering network assistance in #help and discussion in #snoonet. Expect updates from bloodygonzo in the New Year as we move forward together.

The new network director will be focusing entirely on the mission statement

Keep it real.

Introducing our newest partner - Private Internet Access!

Today, Snoonet is pleased to announce our newest partner - Private Internet Access!

Owned by London Trust Media, Private Internet Access is a provider of consumer VPN services. Their sponsorship couldn’t come at a better time as Snoonet continues to grow and develop new, innovative things for its communities!

Private Internet Access have generously donated $25,000 to Snoonet to assist with community building efforts. In addition, they have provided us with 11 new servers which will be equally dispersed among our geographic profile as needed. We are extremely grateful to them for this as it’ll allow us to focus on bigger and better things as we finish up with 2016 and head in to 2017!

To celebrate this new, exciting partnership, Private Internet Access would like to give away 5,000 accounts with a free 1-year subscription to the service. These are available on a first come, first serve basis and Snoonet will initially be giving out only 500. If you’d like one, fill out our request form.

Check out the news release from Private Internet Access here

12/15/16 Update

Adding some developers that can help out

We’re currently working on a few projects for the communities. One being which is an IRC Cloud alternative and is developed in nodejs. The folks over at freenode ( #thelounge) are also helping with developing their project, however we are looking for a local team to help with this, and future projects involving nodejs.

Our current website is old and outdated. We’d like to keep our active admin back end, but would like to redesign it. The current active website is at:

What we need:

  • nodejs devs
  • webdeveloper/designer for a simple re-design of the current website
  • Python developers. We code a lot of python stuff, and the more intelligent and active people, the better.
  • reddit bot expert. We’d like to offer some community tools for reddit. We can do this ourselves, but would like additional help with the projects.


  • Be mature, and at least 18 years of age.
  • Be laid back, and able to work as a team
  • Take initiative. We’ll give you freedom to be yourself and go with the flow. That’s how we operate.


E-mail with:

  • IRC Nick
  • Age
  • Location
  • Time available
  • What you want to help out with, and if you have a passion to actually do it.

Please be in good standing with Snoonet. You will be working closely with the staff in the #staff channel, but not given direct operator access. That will be gained in time as trust builds.

Privacy Concerns

Our Privacy Mission

There’s been chatter about Snoonet, or myself Shane “rdv” Allen individually as Snoonet’s owner that we log all traffic on Snoonet, which is incorrect. I’ll clarify in a short, simple post.

These accusations are false, the logs are fabricated, and targeted to hinder Snoonet’s vision. Snoonet does not log messages on its network, or have any ability to spy on its users. The staff all work together to keep each other accountable for their actions. I would be no exception, even as Snoonet’s owner.

However the users on Snoonet do keep private logs of the channels they are in, which can not be avoided on any platform.

I personally was doxxed, harassed, threatened, and belittled. However, I’ll take one for the team.

I made a post clarifying the situation here on reddit


If you feel your messages are being spied on by your internet service provider, the government, or even on Snoonet’s end, please connect to on port 6697. We have a signed certificate for secure authentication. If you need help setting up your IRC client, please ask in #help

Extra security online

Snoonet will be working directly with Private Internet Access to provide users with home VPNs for their home devices. This will help increase anonymity if users such are looking for extra security online. The details have not yet been worked out on its partnership, however we look to have the ability to offer free, or reduced payment to users on Snoonet.

If you would like to apply/be in the queue for a Private Internet Access VPN, make a post with this form

Snoonet’s Mission Statement

This is a reminder of what Snoonet is about. Trolls will not sway this vision.

Channel Operator Tools

Channel Verification Process

We developed a new tool that channels can enable. When enabled, new users joining a channel will need to verify via the web in order to earn voice status (able to speak in a +m moderated channel) . This will hinder ban evaders and gives staff new options to work with to help deter and stop abusive users. It can be used in event channels with large amounts of users, or used as a tool to force people to make an effort to chat in the channel. The inner workings behind the engine will be explained in detail to the #optalk crew before making it public to all channels as a service on Snoonet.

How it works

  • User joins channel
  • User is sent a link to a secure website to prove they are a real person
  • Magic happens on our backend
  • After visiting the URL sent to them, mode +v is applied to their nickname

You may currently request this verification process on your channel by asking in #snoonet or #optalk.