Snoonet ircv3 / New Ghostbin

Snoonet looks to quickly adopt full IRCv3 capability.

We will be developing a new website based around The Lounge to give our website an actual use. We look forward to seeing the implementation of IRCv3. When we get the ‘Okay!’ we will upgrade all our IRCd software to implement full IRCv3 functionality.

We love IRC

IRC is an old protocol that can finally benefit from a face lift to make our modern clients better to use. Please look at the IRCv3 project here and check out our road map. The aim is to upgrade the protocol of IRC to provide better functionality of future developments. We look to see its health and growth remain positive!

IRCv3 Roadmap and Documentation.

You can view the progress here:
You can view the IRC documents here:
You can view the clients progress here:

If you love IRC as well, try to help and pitch in where you can!

New Ghostbin

We setup our own ghostbin (secure pastes and syntax highlighting) at

Feel free to use it to send large amounts of text.