Hiring Support Staff

As we are growing and plans are coming in to play for reddit users to enter by the masses, we are hiring support staff with advanced knowledge of charybdis and atheme who can be on to help users. It is an entry position to progress through staff, and on to paid positions. Mods in this position will be granted certain privileges and expected to help users with common IRC issues. The webchat has been updated to make it more new-user friendly, however hundreds if not thousands of users will have questions and concerns. Our goal is to be there for them.

We are asking for 10-15 support staff

If you’d like to help Snoonet on this journey, e-mail Shane@snoonet.org with:

  • IRC Alias
  • Operator/Staff Experience on IRC
  • Knowledge of Atheme IRC Services
  • Knowledge of Charybdis
  • Your location in the world / Timezone
  • Availability to help
  • Any communities/subreddits/IRC Channels you moderate on a day to day basis