Snoonet Maintenance

On Monday, Jan. 7 at 2AM EST we will be issuing updates to the Snoonet IRCd servers.

There will be some brief splits as we upgrade the operating systems on two of the nodes. We will be adding more nodes for clients to connect to for both IPv4 and IPv6. As our webchat reaches a more capable stage, these updates will be to prepare for the widespread user count anticipated by newcomers from Reddit Enhancement Suite/Reddit links.

We will keep services downtime to a minimum, anticipating very little downtime.

Snoonet is working on other projects aside from IRC/live chat services, and more news will be shared as the days come.

We are also seeking client servers. We have plenty of servers, but we feel as if they will be of use in the very near future. If you can help, please e-mail and we will continue from there. Please have advanced knowledge and experience moderating large communities!

Snoonet is here for ALL communities, reddit and otherwise. If you’d like to help us provide for the communities, shoot us an e-mail!

If you have any concerns/questions, feel free to post at / e-mail us at / ask us in #help

Sincerely, Snoonet Staff

Snoonet Updates

Email Support

We have set up an e-mail for those in need of support if they are having connection issues, or need any type of support outside of the chat network. Any suggestions or requests for any thing Snoonet are highly encouraged as well. This can be done by contacting us at - Be sure to include your nickname in the e-mail!

Keeping in Touch

We will be announcing things as we work on them via wallops (/mode yournick +w) for those interested, and discussing things in #snoonet - Recently we changed the default connect mode so users may opt in to these messages, rather than having to opt-out for things they are not concerned with.


Snooonet webchat will be greatly updated. Much more stable and integrated more with the reddit lifestyle you know and love. It should be easier for everybody to use. We have made sure that all your existing webchat links will still work as normal so no need to worry about that.

This will now pave the way for subreddit mods to embed or customize Snoonet webchat for their own communities. You may link to your IRC channel (chat room) with

SSL/Fingerprint Information

Due to recent changes in the Snoonet network infrastructure, our servers now use a single, self-signed certificate for all secure (SSL) connections. For our security-conscious clients, the below fingerprints may be used to verify the identity of a Snoonet server:


The reason for self-signing is to offer encryption and security for those who seek it while handle issues with our paid/valid certificate to work with the IRCds. Our staff has been working very hard to make things the way the need to be after the unfortunate events with the .com to .org address change.